Castro vowed to help you wreck the fresh Cunene dam which will help prevent the strength also provide to SWA

Cuban Chairman Fidel Castro visited Guinea-Conakry to fulfill with Chairman Agostinho Neto, Sekou Toure out-of Guinea and you can Luis Cabral out-of Guinea-Bissau. Brand new four thoughts from state spoke on good rally to the fifteen March 1976, and you can Neto and you can Toure recognized this new Cubans because of their extremely important assistance with the Angolan battle from the Southern African/US/Zairean aggressors.

Elderly people, women and kids was basically massacred, among lifeless 300 people

10 weeks after, towards ent that South Africa carry out pull out all its soldiers by 27 February because was secured that hydroelectric establishment when you look at the Cunene would not be attacked.Read more