My personal favourite pastime is discovering overseas like reports and this often determine love scenes between your champion and you can woman in detail. Please note that i hope and wear hijab and i fear Allaah a great deal and i also never have had people relationships which have a guy just before. But I’m an enchanting lady and i like to pay attention so you’re able to audio to discover close films, however these tales annoy me.


Discovering love stories leads to many evils, especially if the reader is young. Such evils are: provocation from attract, and you can stirring-up away from bad viewpoint and you will goals, attachment into champion otherwise woman of one’s tale, and you may wasting amount of time in something which brings no religious or economic work with, alternatively oftentimes they cases harm. Islam stumbled on close the doorway leading so you’re able to anything haraam; they enjoins lowering the look and forbids are alone having an excellent person in the contrary gender otherwise speaking for the a soft build, or any other things that will get provoke attract otherwise trigger immoral tips. Positively discovering such stories ‘s the right reverse of these, as they give the want to learn guys and you can function matchmaking together with them, and you may fall in love with her or him, along with exhibiting depraved images out-of like and you will group meetings an such like. Undoubtedly all of that is actually haraam.

Hearing musical try haraam, due to a great deal of proof and therefore i have stated on the treatment for question no. 5000 and 20406.

Governing for the training like reports and viewing intimate video clips

A comparable are said from the watching romantic movies as it is said regarding learning personal tales, rather the films be more hazardous plus corrupt, while they embody brand new meanings during the swinging pictures and you can scenes, and since they show ‘awrahs and you will immoral methods, followed by sounds normally. They trigger wishes and you may offer immorality, as is noticeable to your wise person. It’s unusual that you’re not bothered as the impact out-of viewing such movies.

Conclusion: All of that are taboo, because it leads to haraam one thing and you will sin, while the individual who does it is within grave danger. Brand new Prophet (comfort and blessings of Allaah getting abreast of your) said: “Allaah possess their express off zina, which he have a tendency to usually get. New zina of eyes wants plus the zina out of the newest tongue is speaking. The center desires and dreams, and also the individual part confirms you to or denies it.” Narrated from the al-Bukhaari (6243) and you may Muslim (2657). Centered on a research narrated from the Muslim: “New kid out of Adam’s show off zina could have been decreed having your, he tend to inevitably score. The fresh zina of your own attention wants, the fresh new zina of your ears was paying attention, new zina of the tongue is talking, the latest zina of your own hand try coming in contact with, therefore the zina of base try strolling. The center longs and you can desires, and the personal area verifies one to or rejects they.” Consider this to be extremely important hadeeth, and you will take into account the videos you mentioned. Enjoying them boasts the brand new zina of attention, the new ears while the cardio and that longs and you will desires. We inquire Allaah to save united states secure and safe.

Keep in mind that it is obligatory to stop haraam things immediately, hence sin after sin darkens the heart, as the Prophet (comfort and you can blessings off Allaah getting abreast of him) said: “If the believer commits sin, a black-spot seems for the their heart. If the the guy repents and gives up you to definitely sin and you can tries forgiveness, his center would-be polished. However, if (the newest sin) grows, (the latest black spot) grows. That is the raan and this Allaah states inside the Publication: ‘Nay! However, on the hearts ‘s the Raan (layer away from sins and you may evil deeds) that they used to earn’ [al-Mutaffifeen ].” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (3334) and you will Ibn Maajah (4244); classified as the hasan by the al-Albaani into the Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

You should also understand that anyone who gets upwards things towards the purpose of Allaah, Allaah will make up your with one thing a lot better than they, so accelerate in order to regret sincerely and give up these types of haraam anything, and sustain your self busy which have points that will benefit your own religious and you will economic passion. See Qur’aan a lot and study the fresh bio of the Prophet (tranquility and you can blessings off Allaah feel abreast of him) and biographies of Parents of one’s Believers and of the Sahaabah (get Allaah be happy with them all). Pay attention to of good use lectures which will encourage your away from Allaah and you may remind you to definitely look for the newest Hereafter, and help that steer clear of haraam things.